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a / Print edition: category (press, book, advertising …), reproduction format (1/4, 1/2, full page, cover), number of copies.
b / Internet: dimension in pixels, number of monthly connections, duration.
c / Private use (hard copy): desired format, on what medium.

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    Our partners

    Atelier Autrement
    Beautiful rooms … quiet … bright …
    Modular according to your activities
    Lots of equipment available.
    “L’Atelier Autrement” is the countryside in Paris.

    Buddha was asked:
    What have you gained from meditation ?
    He replied: NOTHING !
    on the other hand, let me tell you what I lost:
    anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity,
    the fear of aging and the fear of death !

    Méditer Autrement
    Lay meditation group on the sensations of the body.
    So that everyone can benefit from this gift in their life, without financial distinction criteria, these evenings operate on free donation.