Some pictures of your servant in action …

For many years I have traveled the world to meet remarkable men and women,
hoping to discover the secrets of life…

For 40 years, I photographed and filmed the habits and customs of populations in mutation.

I have also produced numerous reports on the traditional and modern aspects of man and his environment,

In Saudi Arabia
How many wadis explored to find a multi-storey clay fortress nestled in a luxuriant palm grove…

How many sand dunes traveled from Nefud to Khub Al Khali to share under a black tent,
the marks of friendship and hospitality of the Bedouins: kawa, chai, dates and sweet camel milk…

How many years of strolling through towns and villages celebrating, all cheerful and proud to welcome us…

How many years of benevolent sharing and secrets exchanged with men, women and children, today physically so distant and yet so close to the heart…

I have gathered on this site some of my achievements that I wanted to share with you…

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… bon voyage !


Some Achievements

Najran – The Desert Gardens
Photographs by René Tchekof Minosa / Text by Patricia Massari – Ed. Scorpio Paris.

Today, while the world is wondering about Saudi Arabia, a totally unknown country, Chekof Minosa presents in this book the region of Najran, on the borders of the great desert of Rub Al Khali and the ancient kingdom of the Queen of Sheba.
In the heart of a green and silent oasis, the peasant builders set up towers of several floors in clay. In the surroundings, the last nomads of the Arabian Peninsula, challenge one of the largest deserts in the world, guided by the stars. Here, far from the convulsions of the world, an ancestral world flourishes.
Les mariés du bout du monde (The bride and groom at the end of the world).
By Brigitte de Saint Preux and René Tchékof Minosa – Ed. Robert Laffont.

They are 20 years old, they love each other … From Turkey to India, Brigitte and Tchékof will get married ten times, according to the strangest rites, in the middle of incredible adventures. From Istanbul to Jaipur, the adventure lasted three years, through deserts and mountains and into the high valleys of the Himalayas. Among the Kalash, the last pagan tribes of the East … among the Kouchi, fierce Afghan nomads … among the Kurds at war … among the last Maharajas of Rajasthan … A romance of love and adventure. .. a true story !

This adventure has given rise to numerous international publications which can be consulted here :
Audio recordings  ~~ The book ~~ Movies ~~ Press review  ~~ The guest book.

– The bride and groom at the end of the world.

– The nomadic Kouchi of the roof of the world.

– In the kingdom of Tsiam the Kalashs.

– The Dervishes of Kurdistan

– Trip to Kurdistan.

– The Turkmen, last sons of Genghis Khan.

– Marriage of Maharaja at the Palace of the Winds.

– Outdoors, …

Musiques traditionnelles d’Orient
2 – 33 rpm records published by Chant du Monde editions.

Listen to audio recordings. 

Some International Publications

Allemagne : Stern – Bunte – Quick – Freundin. Arabie Saoudite : Ministère du Commerce – Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Eau. Australie : Asia Magazine. Benelux : Télévision Belge – Margriet – Nieuwe Revue – De Post. Brésil : Gente. Canada : Radio Canada. Ethiopie : Ethiopian Airlines. France : Ministère de l’Education Nationale- Chambre de Commerce – Musée d’Art Moderne – Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou – Radio et Télévisions françaises : T.F.1 – France Inter – Antenne 2 – F.R.3 – Paris Match – Ciné Photo Revue – Partir – Femmes d’Aujourd’hui – Télé 7 Jours – Marie France – Figaro – Ouest France – Peugeot – Thomson C.S.F. – O.T.H. – Grands Travaux de Marseille – Solaris Marine. Inde : Ministère du Tourisme – Office du Tourisme du Rajasthan. Italie : R.A.I. – Oggi – Annabella – Europeo – Domenica del Corriere. Pays Scandinaves : Hjemmet – Aret Runt – Jaanna. Suisse : Radio Télévision Suisse – Bouquet – Femina. U.S.A. : National Geographic – Time Life – Mobil Oil Company.