“Les mariés du bout du monde”
Brigitte de Saint-Preux and René Tchekof Minosa

A true story which gave rise to a book published by
Editions Robert Laffont.
(The original edition is out of print but this book is still available on second-hand book sales sites).

They are 20 years old, they love each other … From Turkey to India, Brigitte and Tchékof are going to get married ten times according to the strangest rites amid incredible adventures. From Istanbul to Jaipur, the adventure lasted three years, through deserts and mountains and into the high valleys of the Himalayas. Among the warring Kurds … Among the fierce Afghan nomadic Kushis … Among the Turkmen, the last sons of Genghis Khan … Among the Kalash, the last pagan tribes of the East … Among the last Maharajas of Rajasthan … romance and adventure novel … A true story !

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